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Talking Body Love with Lingerie Designers from Around the World

Lingerie is meant to be intimate and sensual, a delicious treat you share with yourself to feel empowered in the bedroom. However, it can be difficult to find a brand that you connect with in the sea of mass produced intimates that dominate the market; their supremacy propelled by glitzy ad campaigns that have redefined what our expectations are for a real body. Lingerie pushed into fast fashion causes it to lose all sense of understanding that not all bodies are created the same way, and that w

Think You Can’t Quit Your Job to Travel? Here’s How Three Women Did It

When facing yet another tirade by your boss, seasonal depression, or a grey abyss of cubicles, it’s hard not to find yourself fantasizing about leaving it all behind to travel. For me the decision came when I realized the office fire drill was the most exciting thing to have happened to me all week. My co-workers were clearly thrilled to be out in the fresh air and away from the fluorescent lights. I thought to myself, “I cannot live this life."

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